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Capricorn Dates: December 22 to January Symbol: Goat Element: Are you a Capricorn man or a Capricorn woman? A Capricorn at rest.

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Tarot Reading Zodiac Sign Virgo. Stay Connected. Recent Posts. According to the studies in western astrology, there are 12 different signs standing for 12 periods of a year. By connecting all Although dating is supposed to bring love, joy, and comfort for every person, that is not the case all the time Being intimate with your partner is an essential part of keeping the relationship healthy.

Welcome to the mystical world of a Pisces. A Pisces personality Traits is something you can never calculate but surely count The science of numbers is one of the most intriguing sciences I have come across, And life path numbers is one They believe A surprisingly beautiful relationship exists between a Virgo and a Taurean when we talk of companionship.

When discussing compatibility for Virgo, Aquarius or Aquarius Rising Lawn games. There are times when you should indulge your scholarly side and be pragmatic. And there are times when you need to embrace your weird and join the party. Go out and connect with them. Let it be fun. The more you connect to others, the easier it will be to connect with yourself. Pisces or Pisces Rising A garden made of candy. Your rewards are blossoming.

Expansion is emotional. Let yourself feel what you need to feel. And meanwhile, inject your work with a sweet new philosophy or truth.

Aries or Aries Rising The view from the plane. A new perspective will help you feel energized. Connect to your values. These values can help you know that you are on track, and from there you can enjoy being your regular spontaneous self. If you are feeling skeptical, try to unpack where that comes from. Your current mode of operation should be optimism, so fly a little higher in the sky. Taurus or Taurus Rising Mining on the Moon. If you are feeling monotonous or resistant, ask yourself if there is a feeling that you are avoiding. And go even deeper…what do you need to release?

Your emotions can give you golden information. Keep mining and processing. Gemini or Gemini Rising A locomotive speeds along. This moment is less about decision making and more about your energy level. Have you already put down railroad tracks by making key decisions? If so, it might make sense to keep chugging along.

Do things that help you maintain a high level of energy so that you can push through. Cancer or Cancer Rising Cotton balls. Pack yourself in a protective cushiony material. Make your life more soft and gentle. Does that mean that you need more space? Or time alone? Do you need to surround yourself with only the most caring of friends? Ask yourself what you need and be very self-accepting. You need kindness. Leo or Leo Rising A ferris wheel. You can be more analytical than usual. Organize your thoughts so that you have a vision for the view you want to see when you reach the top of the ferris wheel.

Realistically understand that there will be times when you at the bottom. Reframe this normal rhythm of life so that you are confident no matter what. This is a powerful time as you can reach new levels in your work. If you want to maximize your impact, you might need to rev up those power tools. They are louder and a little more dangerous.

Can you give yourself permission to be all that you can be? Libra or Libra Rising A bright light.


The sun cuts through the fog. A sudden change in light can be shocking. Look up. Find your guiding light. What helps you feel purposeful and invigorated? Do those things. Find a new way forward by revisiting your goals. Scorpio or Scorpio Rising Rain on the surface of the lake. Everything in life has a ripple effect. Journal about all of the ripples that are affecting you now. Are they ripples of emotions from childhood? Or tiny waves of energy from your environment? The more you can feel, the more you can heal, so take off your armor and be present to what is happening.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising Wild horses galloping. When horses run in a herd, they are synchronized. They have to stick together. If you are feeling shut down in any way, remember your important relationships. Who do you trust to lead you in the right direction? You may need more spontaneous play and fun.

Find your herd and run together. Capricorn or Capricorn Rising Sprinkling seeds in a garden. There are certain practical things you can do to prepare for your desired outcomes. Seeds need space, water, nutrients and sunlight. You have a few basic needs too. Focus on your health and organization routines and you will reap the rewards when the time is right. Aquarius or Aquarius Rising Balloons float above rooftops. Lift off and get up above it all. What lights you up? What do you need to nerd out on? There are ideas and dreams that can get you out of your own head.

Pisces or Pisces Rising A plane lands on a runway. Arrive home to yourself. You have emotions that need to be tended to. You are being called upon for your innate generosity and benevolence. These are gifts that you need to share with the world. But before you can do that, you need to feel stable and emotionally secure. Come in for a landing and welcome yourself back home.

Aries or Aries Rising Cutting down weeds. Nurture your best ideas. You can be mentally sharp right now, which will make you a very good leader. But along the path of leadership you can encounter self-doubt. These thoughts are the weeds. They are ready to be removed. Get all of your best tools ready so that you can spend some time getting your thoughts focused. Taurus or Taurus Rising Skipping rope. When you jump, you leave the ground and become airborne. In astrological terms earth is practicality and air is new ideas. Change it up. You will still be safe and secure.

Gemini or Gemini Rising Jumping on a trampoline. Thoughts may be jumping. You are all over the place, really.

But with the right intention, you can begin to use this energy to help you leap higher than ever before. Keep it fun. This is just a pleasant backyard game, but if you get your timing right, you might leap up above the rooftops. Cancer or Cancer Rising A school of fish. The normal approach is to think, discuss and then act. See if you can work more intuitively and spontaneously.

Feel into your decisions this week as if you are participating in a synchronized dance. Go with the flow and you might find that you are surrounded by reassuring support from others. Leo or Leo Rising Construction equipment. You have some heavy lifting to do. Instead of moving each brick with your bare hands, upgrade to some new equipment. With the help of community or technology you can accomplish much more. If you innovate, you can broaden the scope of your project.

Virgo or Virgo Rising The tallest plants in the garden. Reach a little higher and grow a little taller. This might be uncomfortable, but stretch as far as you possibly can. Right now you are driven to succeed. You must climb with ambition. Once you reach the height you are trying to achieve, you can reassess your approach. But for now, push. Libra or Libra Rising Hiking poles offer support.

But why not give yourself an extra assist? The best support you can give yourself right now is to be very clear about what you value. When you stumble, your values will be there to remind you to keep going and help you stand tall. Scorpio or Scorpio Rising A big bird in a small tree. There are times when you have to test a new environment. Vulnerability, intimacy, self-worth and trust are all ready to be examined.

Think about your history of trusting others. The moment is ripe to take a chance on uncertainty. Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising Sorting silverware. Do you really feel like you fit in? Or are you a spoon surrounded by forks? The first step is to stop judging yourself. Feel at home with who you are. Then you can look around and decide if these relationships are working. Some rearranging needs to happen so that you can be comfortable in your surroundings. Capricorn or Capricorn Rising A magic wand. Change your daily chores into fun activities.

Wave a magic wand and cast a spell that makes your responsibilities fun. Aquarius or Aquarius Rising A marching band. You need an entire marching band to announce your presence. What are you fired up for? Make it fun and creative. Pisces or Pisces Rising A kitten mews. Is there a part of you that needs some gentle tender care?

Slow down and ask yourself if you are lonely or tired. Do you need some kind of physical or emotional sustenance? The outside world can wait. Go within and notice what you need. Aries or Aries Rising A rainbow stretches across the sky. There are a myriad of colors available. A large spectrum of possibilities.

Now is the time to consider your options and widen your viewpoint. You may stumble upon a new way of thinking that helps put everything in perspective. Taurus or Taurus Rising A camel in the desert.

Set intentions for how you will feel secure. The one thing that is certain is that life is always changing. So security is a kind of mirage. What idea or intention will help you feel secure? Is it your self-worth? Your friendships? Your money? Your great ideas? Help yourself feel truly confident. Your Numinous Tarotscopes for June are here! Close your eyes and feel the summertime heat building inside your body. Ruled by Jupiter in Leo, the 6 of Wands fuels our desires for fame, fortune, and flair. Coming at us fierce and fiery, the Numinous Tarotscopes theme for June is a collective call to the sustainable success of our personal brands.

This energy urges us to go heart first, no matter the external accolades. Asking us to break open the binary of achievement and failure, June is an invitation to craft our own cosmic corporate ladder. What would feel like a gold star for your soul? What does a life well-lived really look like to you? The 6 of Wands hands us the Oscar envelope and allows us to celebrate whatever is revealed. Read on for the card, mantra, and cosmic audio reading for your sign …. Happy birthday month, Gemstone!

More than any other sign, you have the capacity to understand all facets of this diamond life. In June, use this kaleidoscopic view to see where you may have been limiting yourself in love. This notion is rooted in that old adage about everybody being a form of God in disguise. Think of this month like a clear beach morning in a solo bungalow, fueled by strong black coffee as you look out across your life with a sense of exactly who you are and what you need to do.

With the North Node still highly activated in your sign, and powerhouse Mars traveling through it as well, June offers lessons in the concept of individuation, and is a time to focus on your own self-expression. The Sun urges us to become more of the selves that only we can become, which means taking a few risks. In fact, what if this could be a wild liberation?

Free yourself from any shame around being different in favor of cultivating even more of your own flavor. Start by cultivating the capacity to sit with your urges and impulses rather than immediately leaping to lock them down by producing a shiny object. Or waiting a day longer to respond to a message. These simple acts can be a reminder to take pride of place at the center of your own life.

Watch sensations rise and fall, trusting what is for you never needs to be hunted down. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is the sign of responsiveness and adaptation. But when you lose a sense of connection to this natural ebb and flow, you can get stuck in endless nervous analysis. The Page of Swords always arrives after a long journey through the mental realm, slaying old storylines and staring into the face of the hooks and obsessions that can leave us feeling stuck.

From there, it enacts the boldest act of all: it tells the brain to bugger off! With fellow Mercury-ruled shapeshifter Gemini ruling the skies right now, allow the hard packed elements of your life to soften by making very subtle adjustments that feel instinctively right. Your mutable earth sign is connected to the element of sand and you can use substance as your guide for June. Absorb the waters of emotion when they arise. Form yourself into little castles out of the wetness. And then let it all wash away, trusting that you can rise to meet any moment. What is the origin of your thought patterns?

How much springs from an inner knowing, and how much is reaction? June offers up the opportunity to slip recenter yourself on your own throne. This month, you are learning to sift through the external buzz and let your own voice rise to the surface. The Knight of Wands calls you to move through the world as if it were your natural element. Or keeping your legs crossed on a date when you really would rather open wide to the possibilities. You are alchemizing sweetness with strength right now. Let it all feel lighter, looser, and fueled by libido, Scorpio. The Ace of Cups asks you, quite simply, what you will do with your own beating heart?

Will you tone down its drumbeat for fear that your passions are too big? Will you use it to make something that could only be built from your own blood? Take a moment to honor the big and beautiful energies that have graced your life since the start of the astro New Year in March, Capricorn: The Sun, the Queen of Pentacles, Death, and now the Queen of Wands.

This cosmic combo has put you through a process of shaping and buffing, inviting you to bow at the altar of your very essence. Now, the Queen of Wands wants you to ask yourself: what witchery am I capable of? Or maybe your medicine is to urge others to wake up to reality. Feel into where you might be following right now, rather than forging your own path. The Sun in fellow air sign Gemini, is asking you to consider the origins of your storylines, and your right to choose your own adventure.

What does the process of staying on track with an ideal outcome feel like? Maybe it brings up fears that you have to make it happen. Or that it will never happen. The 9 of any suit invites a Hermit-like dedication to privacy, urging us to process on our own time. Check in with any secret wishes that might currently be for your heart only, noticing when you feel pressured to unveil your 5-year plan. Can you let whatever is being seeded have its own lifestyle and trajectory instead? Think of June as a time to take emotional inventory, Aries. When we attempt to compartmentalize these pieces, their voices actually get stronger, demanding to be seen and integrated.

This June, the Page of Cups is singing you the Titanic theme song, Taurus, reminding you that your heart truly does go on and on until you reach the end of this incarnation, and perhaps even beyond! Being relaxed in your body and soul necessitates a certain degree of trust that life is on your side.

Not that nothing will hurt you. But this energy, and this month, is all about being reminded that when you allow yourself to soften and open you can move with, rather than against, all of the seasons of your life with grace and potency. Gemini or Gemini Rising Kindling for the fire. Yes, you can say it all, do it all and be it all.

Hurl more wood on the fire and dance like a luminous flame. My only caution is that you check in with yourself during this activated time. Nourish your soul through conscious self-inquiry. That will help you burn bright. Cancer or Cancer Rising Dipping doughnuts in coffee. Release your attachment to any outcome and focus on the present moment.

Where is the sweetness? Leo or Leo Rising Mirrors in the funhouse. Scarcity is a distorted funhouse mirror.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Break the concave mirror with one swift kick, then race to the room with the infinity mirrors. Learn to see your worth magnified infinite times. Virgo or Virgo Rising Cryptic equations on the chalkboard. The answer is right in front of you. There are clues around you that can help you understand how to position yourself in your career. You just need to find the right formula. Connect with a mentor who can help.

Trust that your issues are solvable.

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The more that you study the puzzle, the more likely it is that you will unlock the answers. Libra or Libra Rising Research data. This is all an experiment so collect the data objectively. The more you try to succeed the more times you will fail. So do both. Succeed and fail. Love your ability to fail with every cell of your being. Study the results. Try again. You are participating and progressing.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising Walking under a waterfall. A waterfall is powerful. The force of the flow could be crushing. Put yourself through the full force of your emotions. This emotional expression will buff your hard edges and smooth things out. Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising A squirrel eating nuts. Especially when it comes to your relationships. Squirrels seem single-minded as they search for nuts all day long. In your conversations you need to show up knowing what you want and then follow through. Other people will try to make things complicated.

You need to keep it simple. Let yourself off the hook. The urge to improve every facet of your life is overwhelming. Instead of getting caught up in perfectionism, take a step back. Be judicious and work on one thing at a time. Aquarius or Aquarius Rising An airplane pulls a sign. Show up for yourself in a big way. What is the grand gesture you need to make for yourself? Could you write a love note to yourself in the sky, for all to see? Your inner child needs to know you care. Make this self-love moment playful and over the top. Set a new standard that reminds you how truly valued you are.

Pisces or Pisces Rising Throw a rock into a lake. Find a way to symbolically release your conscious and subconscious burdens. Use ritual to release them. Create a ceremony and actively shed those old burdens. Aries or Aries Rising A boomerang. Every time you spin out, return to where you started. This refers to your thought patterns. The mind is active.

Find a way to make use of this mentally activated time without getting overwhelmed by it. Meditate to make more mental space. When you get lost in your thoughts, return to what you know is true. Taurus or Taurus Rising Give the dog a bone. This could be a time for rewards. This could be a sensual time filled with enjoyment. Give yourself a treat that you can truly relish.

Slow down and enjoy your senses of sight, smell, taste and touch. Your Numinous Weekly Horoscopes for the first week of Gemini season are here! Gemini or Gemini Rising Blackberry bushes. Patience is needed. The fruit is there, just within arms reach. And you must navigate the thorns to retrieve it. So be deliberate and go luxuriously slowly.

The abundance you are looking for is all around you, just be strategic and keep your eye on the prize. Cancer or Cancer Rising Coral reef. You need to swim through nooks and crannies. The path is organic and indirect. You might find a small cave you would like rest in for awhile. If you have a situation that needs resolution, focus on something else instead.

The answer will come to you in an indirect way. Leo or Leo Rising Astronaut jumps. Your passion for reaching higher heights is ready to be unleashed. Gravity pulls us down and keeps us grounded. But what if your goals had no gravitational field? What if they were limited by nothing but the atmosphere of your imagination. Tune into your passion and follow it to the moon.

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Virgo or Virgo Rising Crumbling soil between your fingers. What are the resources you are working with? How fertile is your soil? You are about to start building. You are creating new patterns and intentions for your career. So look at the soil. Appraise your skills while you make your plan. The steps you take now are instrumental in growing your garden. Libra or Libra Rising Playing a wind instrument. If you funnel your breath through a flute, you can create graceful music. The right instrument will help you transcend the mundane and reach new heights of beauty. What will allow you to do more with less?

Can you make simple changes that exponentially increase your contribution? Scorpio or Scorpio Rising Buoys in a lake. Take time out to recognize those solid relationships that simultaneously anchor and uplift you. Is there ever a limit to the gratitude that can be shown for relationships like these? Give freely in your compliments and recognitions of these people. The process will help you feel closer to yourself. Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising Rocks at the base of a waterfall. These stones are worn smooth by the force of the falling water.

Your relationships are the result of all of the little moments. The words that you have exchanged. The emotions you have shared. It all counts. Assess the grooves that have appeared in your partnerships family, romantic, friendships or otherwise. Similar to the magnetic presence and aroma of the honeysuckle, your energy is charismatic and hard to ignore.

Surround yourself with the scent and sights of honeysuckle to allow your Aries characteristic to bloom like wildflowers. Taureans have a refined taste and enjoy great food, good company, and artful adventure. This sign correlates with the happy and grounded poppy flower. Like the refined Taurus, the poppy is an elegant flower that sprinkles the world around it with beauty; but this flower is also a powerhouse of emotional strength and urges this in Taureans. This flower will lift you up and show you how strong you are in the face of adversity.

The poppy will continually bring out the courage within you, Taurus , so plant a poppy seed in your garden and watch it grow, soaking in the helpful aura of your birth flower. Geminis are thoughtful, almost always in their heads, and this can sometimes lead to worry or trouble making decisions. You need the energy of your birth flower, soothing lavender. Lavender is a pastel purple flower with a gorgeous aroma that encourages calm and peaceful sensations. The energy of the lavender bud sinks deep within the body, calming muscles and nerves and allowing the body and the mind to relax. This flower will give you the confidence to quickly and courageously make decisions and stick with them. Try dabbing your wrists and temples with a drop of lavender oil when you need a mental boost and let lavender alleviate your concerns.

Your deep, intuitive energy is reflected by your birth flower, the acanthus. This gorgeous piece of nature is slightly sensitive but hides it behind its tall, strong appearance. Does this sound familiar? This flower needs the nurturing nature of the Cancer to flourish. Try spreading the seed of the acanthus in your garden and allow its energy to plant itself within you. Fun and bubbly, Leos are connected to the energy of the bright and happy sunflower. Everyone needs a little pick-me-up from time to time and the energy of the sunflower will heighten your senses and enliven your positivity.

Try locating a field of sunflowers near you that you can frolic through, embracing their warm and happy energy. Virgos are the workaholics of the zodiac, grounded, responsible and always on-the-move. You have to relax every once in a while Virgo, or you are bound to get burned out from time to time.