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Capricorn Dates: December 22 to January Symbol: Goat Element: Are you a Capricorn man or a Capricorn woman? A Capricorn at rest.

The Art of Palmistry, on the other hand, is not as dazzling on a multimedia level.

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A glossary is included, and descriptions of the meanings of the various lines, mounts, and other relevant markings on the hand are offered. We recommend it! This item may be discontinued. Another program, one that includes 2 of the above programs Birth Horoscope Interpreter and The Art of Palmistry is currently available. Be sure to find out your personal astrology data online, at no cost.

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Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. All in all Janus is a feature packed astrology software with all the basic functions of any astrology software as well.

Janus is the go to choice of many professionals because of the three different techniques included in them and its simple design. This is The ideal software for all beginners and professionals that want the product to be worth every penny paid.

The software is regularly updated and has a good customer support that can help you troubleshoot most of your problems and issues with the software. Keplar comes bundled with all the basic tools and utilities, along with some extra ones that can help improve your experience like audio interpretations of different charts and calculations.

This system includes all the data and latest positions of all planetary objects , directly from NASA. This ensures optimum accuracy in all your predictions without anything to worry about. Keplar is a tool targeted mostly at beginners and hence includes around 47 to 50 lessons in astrology to help you improve. Even if you are beginner who knows nothing, the Keplar courses will indeed help you a lot.

The lessons include different tools to help you practice, and many other utilities to help you along the way. Apart from that, the software also includes charts and mappings of planetary bodies, exclusive to different celebrities from all around the globe, to help you practice and improve on your learnt lessons. All in all Keplar is a great astrology software for all of you, especially if you are beginner as the software comes bundled with astrology lessons and mock data to help you practice and hone your skills.

AstrolDeluxe Report Writer , is another great astrology software out there developed by Halloran Software for all your astrological needs. The software is a basic bundle of al the astrology tools and utilities you could possibly need as a beginner user.

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Apart from that, another important feature that makes AstrolDeluxe Report Writer is its Report Creating engine, which is really powerful and accurate. You can provide user details and basic information to the report writer and then sit back and wait for the final result to be created. The software can also create house or any other aspect specific reports, focusing only on that aspect of your prediction, to create a more detailed outline and predictions using the given report and charts.

The software also allows you to create control groups using the already existing and collected data, to compare your results and verify them for better accuracy. This is another great feature that can help beginners and professionals alike without any hassle. Apart from these unique features, the softwares comes with the ability to map all kinds of charts and transits for all your prediction needs.

The software does not have any guide or lessons and thus can prove to be cumbersome for new users. All in all AstrolDeluxe Report Writer is a great software and comes packed with a powerful report writer , taking away most of your work. Intrepid is a unique astrological software. Made by Astrological Bureau of Ideas, intrepid is not your everyday astrological software. Intrepid is avery powerful chart creation tool, that closely represents the original science of astrology.

The new method of interpretation by the author, introduces new astrological symbols as well as methods to help improve the accuracy of your predictions. If you have used astrological softwares before, upon using Intrepid, you will realize that Intrepid has five new ways of progressions that can not be found in any other software , and are a result the new method of interpretation by Jeffrey. The software includes a full ACD atlas to help you pinpoint the exact coordinates on earth whenever needed, without any margin for error.

Sir, I am satisfied with the software. You could have stated the cost of the softwqre. It is very usefull for me to give usefull referance to my relatives and public,I am using regularly this site thank you. I am using yet another software for a quite long time. Namaste sir its fantastic software I was using this and iwant to install full version soft ware need full detiles. So nice and comfortable to use this software. Please predict my future:I completed MBA and predict the chances in job career.

And whether I derived happy in life. Life sign mini astrology software is a very good software and very help full for checking the kundali,but it doesnot shows the navamansh kundali and the degrees of the graha in a easy way. As I am a jyothisha student Ratnam ,I feel this is very use full and good in accuracy in calculation and prediction. A wonderful version with a variety of options to get the prints, this Astro-Vision software is praiseworthy and quite uptodate and near accuracy! Dear Sirs, Your software is good and reliable but it should be more specific and expressive. Your astro-vision website is most useful to public and especially temple archakas, and astrologers for speedy recoveries to the graha problems.

Thanks for your best services. An extraordinary contribution. All the Best.

4 Best Janam Kundli Software & App in Hindi for Match Making & Predictions |

Nice prediction and i personally thanks u for this in near future I take your services. A very wonderful software for ordinary people to use. Please include at least a limited number of 30 jadakams and 30 matching reports to be done free of cost. Detailed and good.

Please include Navamsam also in future, this would be very useful tool. I reyaly like it and i am all so astrolagy student and very help full to me this astro-vision s. Thanks for the system. Results very very accurate wonderful results. It is to good And it is very useful to me. It is really informative ,one should have full horoscope for future development.

The mini is useful when more no. Nice software has been developed it gives quite elaborate predictions about the horoscope of an individual, Thanks. This software is very useful for checking the bridegrooms horoscope and matching.

But how can I see panchangam,telugu calendar,months and ect. This Astro-Vision life sign mini is very useful to know the matching as well as horoscope.

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Thanks a lot for the service. It is a very very useful software especially individuals like me who are learning astrology and actually yiu are doing a very good service to the humanity, Thank you very much, Sir. One has to go astrologers for the marital purpose of his children but this one solves that trouble easily. An Excellent software to help many needy poor, to provide their birth chart, freely to them as a service.

Thanks to your good support. Excellent predictions. A very good astrological site. Recommend all to visit site.

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Wow, this is a super software.