Each one plays an important role in the greater whole of humankind. A love match with someone from the same astrological element offers the comfort of familiarity. As a same-element couple, make a conscious effort to not get stuck in a rut or even a competitive dynamic. Spending time with people of another element can introduce a more balancing energy. For example, a grounded earth sign can ground you by adding more structure and tradition. A sensitive water sign can bring you out of your heads and into your hearts. For best results, strike the right amount of change and stability.

Can two Aquarius be together?

Our aunt and uncle, both air signs, were constantly renovating their home—and while it often added chaos, it seemed to keep them together. Your combined social circle can rival the circumference of the earth! Air signs crave constant stimulation and might even be the pair who pulls off an open relationship. Are you a starter, a doer or a finisher? Do you like to take charge and have a plan, or do you prefer to go with the flow? If the two of you share an agenda, you can be an indomitable duo.

Hello, power couple! When you turn on each other, it can be an endless war, with blame and judgment, defending your point of view just to protect your ego.

Liberated Love

Your best bet is to channel this urge into creating a shared legacy—running a business together, starting a family, hosting all the holidays. Just be careful not to get SO set in your ways that you insist on doing the same things year in and year out.

When both of you combine in a love relationship, you two will focus more on positive aspects of life. You two will find it very easy to cope with each other.

Aquarius Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Apart from this, you two will always go after each other in an Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility. In fact, this pair will be the best friends as well as the best lovers. You both will always contemplate having a social change about your relationship in life.

You two tend to be a little bit very active and outgoing with the way you relate to yourselves.

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

If you choose to allow jealousy in your relationship, you could lose your relationship with each other. It is also the case that you both will find it very hard to work without pressure on you. In fact, you could serve as the model for other relationship to copy. If you do not mistrust your lover, you two will have a unique outlook as to life. Is Aquarius and Aquarius a good match? The case that your love will not be romantic and at all filled with a lot of a-ha moments.

Is Aquarius Compatible with Aquarius? - Zodiac Love Guide

You both will only have in mind your foundation of trust and belief. Still, regarding emotional connection, the soulmates find it very hard to connect with each other. It is, however, the case that you both perceive each other as friends mainly and not lovers. When both of you fall in love with each other, you both will stay a long time with each other, but you two will not care.


The relationship will, however, be more serious with emotion if you learn how to move closer to each other. This relationship is a relationship between understanding and creativity. It is also a relationship of independence and cosmopolitan. You two will find it very easy to socialize with each other without any emotional detachment.

In fact, you two will always spend most of your time away from home. You believe that working together as a team will make you overcome problems around you. Furthermore, you two will also find it very easy to work with a lot of organizations, businesses or groups.

This horoscope match could have the greatest problem of detecting your real emotions and feeling. You could also find it very hard to know whether this relationship is true or not. If you both learn how to move around with each other, you two will overcome a lot of difficulties. Try to learn how to treat your love as you will treat yourself. For this relationship to last longer than expected, trust must be there. It is the case that you both have the same personality and point of view to life.

This is almost difficult for you not to trust each other. You both will find it very easy to trust whatever is done by your partner because you could do such thing.

It is the case that the foundation of this relationship is based on freedom. Aquarius zodiac sign will always be too free to find a reason to lie. You both will find it very hard to cope with each other, and none will be too possessive. This love compatibility will be a model for some other relationships.

It is the case that relationship is the relationship between understanding and care. An Aquarius' emotional side exists, but rarely comes out of the darkness. This sign prefers keeping feelings to themselves because they often don't see the point of sharing them. They prefer having someone dig up the emotions from inside them, which could be seen as a way of bonding with their partner.

Unfortunately, in this relationship, neither one will have such an experience if they choose to wait for someone else to make the first move. Both Aquarians are very objective and logical in all things, including the people they spend most time with. Emotions could show to be an obstacle between the two, but with enough persistence, it's possible to get past it. By now, you should be able to guess what we have to say about this couple's sex life: no restrictions, no taboos, no shame.

An Aquarius doesn't understand why some people would want to hold back on their deepest desires when it comes to sex, so it's easy to imagine that this match will be highly compatible in sex. Unfortunately, in most cases, this is as far as an Aquarius-Aquarius couple usually gets. The reason behind that is the difficulty with which they engage in relationships, because of their fear of commitment. Once they learn to include their emotions in sex and actually express how they feel, they'll have a much higher chance of a successful relationship. If they ever manage to convince each other to get married, this couple will be unstoppable.

Two Aquarians often appear to others as if they will conquer the world and nothing can stand in their way. These highly creative individuals will seek any unconventional activity and they'll support all of each other's wacky ideas.

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The two partners will have plenty of separate friends and they will want to spend time with them without having to drag the other everywhere. This works well for both of them, because it's a win-win situation - they'll get to be part of a jealousy-free relationship, and they will get their daily dose of freedom. According to some, this would be a match made in heaven. Trust should not be something this couple need to worry about.

Neither partner is clingy nor controlling, nor do they constrain the other in any sort of way. By being given their much-needed liberty, trust between them is formed slowly, but surely. They will have to start criticizing the other for such a level of understanding to be shattered.